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Aired in July 2005 [Link]

So, what is it about high jumping that there are two shows with it this season? That guy in Okushou was a high jumper, and the girl in Suzuka is a high jumper. I just get the feeling that weird things like this and the Oku-sama thing this season aren't coincidences...

Anyway, Suzuka is about this girl named Suzuka who jumps really high and is on a scholarship to a nice high school and this boy named Daisuke who barely got in and is living with his relatives... at an all-female apartment complex. So of course he runs into naked women while cleaning the bath, makes a fool of himself in front of Suzuka, and is generally annoying. Despite that and professing to hate Daisuke's attitude, Suzuka starts to like him after he saves her when she faints in the sauna and makes him come to morning practice with her. When he accidentally sets the bar too high, using the wrong side to measure it, she actually jumps it and sets a new record, causing Daisuke to remark how cute she looked when she was happy instead of just stressed and determined.

First thing I noticed about the series is that I think the character art is a bit off... the heads seem misproportioned on the characters sometimes, even though they're generally good otherwise. Beyond the cliches of moving into the all-girls apartment complex, the story of the overstressed girl trying to live up to the expectations of her friends and scouts and everything finding a companion in a happy-go-lucky guy who never worries about anything and manages to get by doesn't seem too bad. I don't think I can get that excited by the premise or the characters but I wouldn't deter others from watching it! >.>

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge

Akahori Heretical Hour Rabuge

Aired in July 2005 [Link]

"Rabuge" is just an abbreviation of the two shows which make up the show, Love Pheremone and Soreyuke! Gedou Otometai. Akahori is the last name of the creator of both shows, which actually only make up a half hour. So it's a silly name, for a silly pair of shows.

Love Pheremone is about two crazy girls who are really bad at stand-up comedy and also really bad at being agents of justice. When they hear about a hostage situation on the news, they take off from their ridiculous house-base thing in their armor things with heart-shaped eye shields, but when they get there, the police all run away. Why? Because they just blow up the bad guys with no thought for anything else. Including the hostage.

Soreyuke! Gedou Otometai (Go! Heretical Maiden Team) is about a group of five orphaned girls whose father's dying wish was for them to become a great evil group. When one of them opens the mysterious bottle with "No one under 18" written on it, the evil demon-girl comes out and gives them their chance to be bad girls! However, when she instructs them to summon a typhoon on the flood-ridden residents of some town, they instead summon some stew to feed them and become heroes.

So the whole plot behind these two series is that the groups are ridiculously inept at being good/bad, and somehow I can't see this being anything but bad being dragged out for 13 episodes. I mean, there's nothing inherently bad about episode one, really, but I just get bad feelings from this premise. The characters aren't that interesting either, but what do you expect from 13 half-episodes? Not much. ^^;



Aired in July 2005 [Link]

Yeah, I don't think the idea of mixing guns and swords has been done enough yet, so it's a good thing that they made a new anime that has both words in the name!

So our gunsword guy is Van, a weird loner guy who has weird tastes, both in food and clothing. He shows up starving and looking for a bite to eat in this town and stumbles into a big mess. A guy called Lucky is trying to take over the town to get to its huge bank, the only thing keeping the town running! Van "accidentally" saves a girl named Wendy from a group of Lucky's thugs, so then she gets mad when he refuses to save her town just because it has nothing to do with him. Eventually he ends up saving it anyway, using some sort of weird sword-armor-gun thing which makes everyone gape and spout nonsense at him, especially Lucky. Then he tries to leave and continue on his journey to find some guy who probably killed someone important to him or something, but Wendy insists on tagging along since she wants to avenge her brother too!

Well, ridiculous name aside, the story and characters in GUN x SWORD so far are good enough to keep me interested. Wendy is cute, and while Van may be a ridiculous character, he's not really the obnoxious kind of ridiculous... yet. Hopefully it stays that way. Hopefully the pacing, journeying through different towns having adventures in each one, is used well. ^^

Paniponi Dash

Aired in July 2005 [Link]

As far as I can tell, the entire point of this anime is being random and sometimes cute. While this isn't necessarily bad if done well, Paniponi Dash seems to lack any sense of pacing or coherency to hold it together. It's just a mishmash of scenes thrown together with little explanation or purpose.

The action revolves around a few classes at some school. Class C has a new teacher, but she's late and cute and little and smart! In fact, she graduated from MIT at 11! Even though she can't say Massachusetts very well (which is very cute, as Momotato says). Anyway, her name is Rebecca so they spend the morning thinking of ways to abbreviate it (Becky wins) and then the afternoon being mean to her so that she hides behind the curtain. That's pretty much it!

I'm not really a big fan of the art style used in Paniponi but that's really not what turned me off. I just didn't think a lot of the jokes were that funny, and the random skipping around really got to me. Maybe the anime format isn't the best place for this title, but I just couldn't get into it at all. :/

Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo

The Mistress is a Magical Girl

Aired in July 2005 [Link]

Now this is more like it! I don't know why there are two "okusama" shows this season, but anything that has magical girls in it is automagically better! At least usually...

Our story revolves around some sort of magical girl visitors who call our world "Wonderland". Ureshiko is our magical heroine who is a little older than your typical magical girl, and has to worry about how little her costume has gotten on her these days, but she can still be cute! And her magic still works, so when a new magical girl, Sayaka, comes to town and tries to start changing the boring "wonderland" into something more cute and to her tastes, Ureshiko is on the way to stop her! Sayaka wants Ureshiko to give up her magic rings and let her control the magic in the world, but Ureshiko wants to keep the wonderland the way her mom made it. So there's a struggle for magical power going on, and also there's a new guest in Ureshiko's house: Tatsumi, a former track-and-field guy who seems to be looking for a fresh start here. Romantic vibes ensue, but Ureshiko has a husband off somewhere, and tells Tatsumi that "kisses aren't allowed".

This series looks like a lot of fun, going off on the "what happens to magical girls when they grow up" tack. I like the character designs and transformation sequences, and I also like Ureshiko's love of her town and the mysterious thing about kisses. It all looks like fun, and I hope they take the series in good directions. ^^

Okusama wa Joshikousei

The Mistress is a High School Girl

Aired in July 2005 [Link]

Hmm, a high school girl marries her science teacher in secret, but keeps complaining to herself that they haven't "done it" yet... Well, looking at the type of show it is, I can see that the plot is going nowhere fast. ~.~

Anyway, that's pretty much the story here. Asami is married to her science teacher, but he won't be all carnal with her and only kisses her on the forehead when she leaves for work. Also when Asami tries to do things like take a bath with her husband, her father mysteriously pops up and whines about some sort of contract. And drinks a lot. Asami's husband is nice, though, so he forgives her for every silly thing she worries about and shows that he really cares.

Yeah, so while the characters aren't bad, the whole premise of this series is pretty ridiculous, and the plot just goes nowhere, so I don't really find myself interested in watching the same dumb antics over and over.

Sugar Sugar Rune

Aired in July 2005 [Link]

The new mahou shoujo show is here, or something! I may not like all mahou shoujo shows, but anything that's fun and has good characters makes me smile. ^^

Sugar2 Rune is the story of Chocola and Vanilla, two girls who are candidates to become the next queen of the magic world. They come to the human world to test themselves and determine who will be queen by collecting the most hearts. Chocola is full of confidence and introduces herself to her new class by saying, "I'll kick your butt if you don't listen to me!" while Vanilla is super-shy and cries when she has to introduce herself. Chocola is mystified by the fact that her awesome introduction doesn't win her the hearts of all the boys, and Vanilla seems oblivious to the fact that they all like her. Anyway, they meet all sorts of crazy people on their first day, like their mentor for their stay in the human world, Rock'n Lovin, and the middle school class president whose touch turns Chocola's first heart to ice.

Speaking of ice, it's pretty funny that Vanilla's last name that she takes on for the human world is "Aisu" which sounds exactly like Ice... Have to wonder if that's intentional... ~.~

One of the silliest things about this series is how they see the hearts that they're suppost to collect, by putting their fingers in a sideways V up to their eyes like in the pic above. I think it's great, and no one comments on how bizarre they are, even when they do their crazy magic. ^^

The style of this show really drew me in, and while there were a couple of weird things with the voice acting in this first episode, I saw more than enough that I liked to keep me wanting more. Mahou shoujo forever~

Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken TV

Moeyo Ken TV

Aired in July 2005 [Link]

ADV released Moeyo Ken OAV series, and this is some sort of continuation of it as a TV series. I'm not really sure how the timeline goes, but I think this takes place after the OAV. I only watched half of it if I remember correctly...

Anyway, the TV series throws you into a strange version of Kyoto where monsters (youkai) and humans live together, as long as the youkai have their licenses or whatever. The Shinsengumi, the good guys, and the Tsubamegumi, the bad guys, are fighting over this new way of life, and the first episode revolves around a poor little kappa. He ends up being rescued by the son of the Shinsengumi's leader, O-Ryou, and then when the Tsubamegumi tricks a huge kappa into attacking the Shinsengumi, the little kappa saves them all. Anyway, O-Ryou's son, Ryuunosuke, comes back to Kyoto and looks to be an integral part of the new Shinsengumi.

If the summary is a little weird and vague, it's because I was a bit confused at times by whatever was going on. Maybe I'll rent the OAV so I can figure it out. ;p

The series seems pretty decent overall, a action-comedy series with decent character designs and decent dialogue. I thought the characters were more fun and interesting than they looked from my first glimpse at the OAV, so while I wouldn't call it a favorite of mine, but I wouldn't mind watching more. ^^

Amaenaide yo!!

Don't act so spoiled!!

Aired in July 2005 [Link]

I couldn't be bothered to look up the details of the shinto-ish terms in this series because it's terrible, so forgive me for the vagueness of the summary. ^^;

Some boy named Ikkou goes to his grandma's shrine during summer vacation to do some sort of crazy spiritual training. He's not very good at it. So there are lots of fights between him and the girls. Oh, but when he sees a girl naked he suddenly becomes super-monk and can exorcise any evil spirits that you need out of your way!

As if the premise for this series wasn't enough excuse not to watch it, what is with some of these girls' hair? Ick. It's just a bad anime with too much dumb fanservice for its own good, and hopefully this is the last time I come in contact with it. ^^ The JASCII Archive - July 2005

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