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Aired in June 2005 [Link]

I looked over the site for this anime before I watched it and the backgrounds and character designs looked cool, but when I watched the anime it was a little... odd. One of those cases where the first episode didn't make up my mind on how good the series is. ^^

So Kamichu! is about a middle school girl named Yurie who one day finds out that she is a "kami-sama", loosely translated as a "god", although the concept is a little more complicated than that. Although her friend, Mitsue, is doubtful, she finds a kindred spirit in Matsuri, another girl in her class who fully encourages her to try out her newfound powers! So they go up to the roof of the school and Yurie tries to call forth a gust of wind, but she can't seem to figure out how. Matsuri encourages her to try shouting things, like "Kamichu!", an abbreviation of "kami" and "chuugakusei", middle-school student. Although they can't seem to get it to work, Yurie does run into Ninomiya-kun, her crush who is really good at calligraphy... but he doesn't know who she is, even though they're in the same class. ^^;

Anyway, their experiment ends up creating a huge typhoon that heads straight for their school, with a big face in the middle, and they have to stop it. Yurie manages to do so once Ninomiya-kun's life is threatened, and they fall into a pool together. The end.

Overall, I just couldn't figure out what they were doing with the story here, so while I thought the art, characters, and music were all cool, there's a feeling of just nothing happening that permeates the first episode, at least. At least it's more interesting than the same harem anime all over again, though, so I think I'll be giving it another look later on. :) The JASCII Archive - June 2005

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