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The forums are back up! Thanks to StarCreator bugging me about it all the time and doing all the work (thanks StC!), you can go mess around in the forums and complain about my mysterious disappearance. I've been watching more stuff, so more reviews are on the way. I'mm really enjoying Sugar Sugar Rune and Mahoraba too, enough that I keep grabbing more episodes to catch up! Kozue-chan haato desu!

- Jasc


Soooo, how about that anime? Pretty good, huh? Yeah, I wouldn't know!

Anyway, I'm back. Going to do July first in order to start getting caught up, but I don't know how much I'll be able to get through. Hopefully a lot! Don't forget to check out the review for Kamichu! too since it actually aired in June. Maybe one day I'll fix the season page to more intuitively figure out seasons but it seems like a lot of work.

Sorry for the extra-long sabbatical, but I still love doing this (when I'm not distracted), so I'm gonna try to keep it up. Thanks for the supportive e-mails too. :)

- Jasc


Well, another year, another new anime season! Had a little technical difficulty getting this one all set, but the rest of the season should be on time. :)

Also, I'm sorry for starting another diary page and then abandoning it again. I blame it all on WoW.

Now that that's out of the way, a big thank you to all you readers who voted for me on Animefringe's Top 25! I didn't expect to make #7 (or even really to get on the list) so it really made my day to see that! I'm looking foward to another year filled with good anime, and hope everyone out there continues to enjoy the site. Happy new year everyone!



Hey everyone, been a little busy lately, but there will be a few new reviews this week. I'll try to get the first two up tonight. In the meantime, Animefringe is holding voting for its annual Top 25 anime sites right now, so I'd just like to encourage visitors to go vote for your favorite anime, manga, or japanese culture sites, including JASCII, of course!

In the same vein, everyone who's of voting age and lives in the United States, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, or Palau should go vote in your national/local/territorial elections tomorrow!


It turns out that with all the new October shows, JASCII was using a little more bandwidth than I really wanted it to use, so I made a little change to how it works - the newest season page now only displays the last eight reviews, and there is a link below the title list with an option to display all of the shows from that current month. The links for all of the series have also been changed to each series's individual page to deal with this. Hopefully this should resolve that problem. If you have any problems with the new format, e-mail me - jascii at gmail.

Also, I reviewed Sunabouzu late, so its review is stuck back in the backlog. Go look at it if you're interested! More stuff coming soon~


Whee, the October series have started! I'm working my way through, and I just thought I'd post this news item to remind everyone that there were three series that aired on the 30th of September, and as such are here in last month's page. I'm still working on a way to get entire seasons grouped together, but until then please bear with me. Oh, I also updated with my thoughts on Sweet Valerian recently, and have a few more backlog titles that I might be able to get through soon as well. Enjoy!


Well, lots of new updates, even if I'm running a little bit behind. After I finish up reviews for Galaxy Angel and the Agatha Christie series, I'll be getting back to working though April-May releases, so stay tuned. Don't forget about the RSS feed (link on right), and there are always the forums to look at as well. ^^


So I was delayed a bit in my writing since I was busy all weekend moving downstairs into a larger apartment. It's pretty nice, but we don't have Internet access there set up quite yet, so updates may be sporadic for a bit depending on how easily I can get stuff done elsewhere.

I updated with a couple more June series, Wind -a breath of heart and HaniHani (Operation Sanctuary). Don't forget to use the new RSS feed if you're interested - it seems to be working fine to me right now. I guess that's it for now!


So I've done some more April updates - Keroro Gunsou, Cossette no Shouzou, MADLAX, and Mermaid Melody Pichi-Pichi Pitch Pure. Working on Ojamajo Doremi NA-I-SHO review, which should be up tonight or tomorrow.

In other news, I've implemented a very simple RSS feed for the site. It just updates whenever I review a new show, no fancy features or anything, RSS 0.91. You can now syndicate JASCII, and not have to bother checking back during the long boring months of non-updates. ;P

If you have any problems with the RSS feed or you have any suggestions, just e-mail me at jascii@gmail. I'm not really interested in making it too much more complicated, but I'm always willing to listen to new ideas. ^^


Yes, I'm back! I'm going to try and get caught up with April-June series before the July series start in earnest, but my main goal will be to keep up-to-date on those July series. If you're still interested in my now-outdated April opinions, just remember to check the April season page every once in a while for updates. I have this crazy news script too, so it should be better for keeping you readers up-to-date.

As a side note, thanks for all the hits! If anyone happens to get the 500k mark on the counter, feel free to e-mail me at my new address - jascii@gmail (.com of course). I'll figure out something interesting to do for it. ~.~

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