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Princess Tutu

Aired in August 2002

Whee, a magical girl anime about ballet! One might not think this would work, but apparently ballerinas have cool magic sayings and powers too!

The story is about Ahiru, a girl in some sort of German-type fantasy/modern kingdom thing, who's taking ballet lessons. Ahiru, by the way, means "duck" in Japanese, and the episode starts with a weird dream where Ahiru *is* a duck and is watching a lonely prince dance in a marsh. The dream ends with some weird old guy scaring her back awake. The prince in her dream is actually a lot like Mute-senpai, the quiet, pretty boy who is good at ballet and Ahiru admires in reality. She accidentally mistakes the time for her ballet lesson to start, and ends up intruding on Mute-senpai's morning practice. She ends up almost falling over clumsily, being saved by Mute, and then being scolded by Mute's rude older brother-type figure, Fakia, before she can apologize. She spends the rest of the episode trying to do so, and being teased by her friends Pike (magenta) and Ririe (blond) for doing it. They're all cute. ^_^

However, the next night she has another weird dream and ends up going outside, where she sees the strange man who was in her duck dream before. Then she sees Mute, about to fall from a window trying to rescue a little chick falling off the roof. The old guy says she should remember who she is, and she does, she's Princess Tutu, the magical ballet girl! She uses her leet waltz skills to save Mute, but what's this, suddenly there are flashbacks to the duck dream and her sounding like a duck, and she runs away, and she IS a duck! :o :o :o

I really like the ballet theme for Princess Tutu, it seems as if they are trying to give each episode a motif of a different ballet, the first episode being the Nutcracker. That combined with the classical music and general aura it gives off makes Tutu more fun to watch than your general magical girl anime (which means it's great fun, I love mahou shoujo anyway). Ahiru's a lot cuter in the anime than it had seemed from pictures online too. ^^

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