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Aired in July 2005

So, what is it about high jumping that there are two shows with it this season? That guy in Okushou was a high jumper, and the girl in Suzuka is a high jumper. I just get the feeling that weird things like this and the Oku-sama thing this season aren't coincidences...

Anyway, Suzuka is about this girl named Suzuka who jumps really high and is on a scholarship to a nice high school and this boy named Daisuke who barely got in and is living with his relatives... at an all-female apartment complex. So of course he runs into naked women while cleaning the bath, makes a fool of himself in front of Suzuka, and is generally annoying. Despite that and professing to hate Daisuke's attitude, Suzuka starts to like him after he saves her when she faints in the sauna and makes him come to morning practice with her. When he accidentally sets the bar too high, using the wrong side to measure it, she actually jumps it and sets a new record, causing Daisuke to remark how cute she looked when she was happy instead of just stressed and determined.

First thing I noticed about the series is that I think the character art is a bit off... the heads seem misproportioned on the characters sometimes, even though they're generally good otherwise. Beyond the cliches of moving into the all-girls apartment complex, the story of the overstressed girl trying to live up to the expectations of her friends and scouts and everything finding a companion in a happy-go-lucky guy who never worries about anything and manages to get by doesn't seem too bad. I don't think I can get that excited by the premise or the characters but I wouldn't deter others from watching it! >.>

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