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Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge

Akahori Heretical Hour Rabuge

Aired in July 2005

"Rabuge" is just an abbreviation of the two shows which make up the show, Love Pheremone and Soreyuke! Gedou Otometai. Akahori is the last name of the creator of both shows, which actually only make up a half hour. So it's a silly name, for a silly pair of shows.

Love Pheremone is about two crazy girls who are really bad at stand-up comedy and also really bad at being agents of justice. When they hear about a hostage situation on the news, they take off from their ridiculous house-base thing in their armor things with heart-shaped eye shields, but when they get there, the police all run away. Why? Because they just blow up the bad guys with no thought for anything else. Including the hostage.

Soreyuke! Gedou Otometai (Go! Heretical Maiden Team) is about a group of five orphaned girls whose father's dying wish was for them to become a great evil group. When one of them opens the mysterious bottle with "No one under 18" written on it, the evil demon-girl comes out and gives them their chance to be bad girls! However, when she instructs them to summon a typhoon on the flood-ridden residents of some town, they instead summon some stew to feed them and become heroes.

So the whole plot behind these two series is that the groups are ridiculously inept at being good/bad, and somehow I can't see this being anything but bad being dragged out for 13 episodes. I mean, there's nothing inherently bad about episode one, really, but I just get bad feelings from this premise. The characters aren't that interesting either, but what do you expect from 13 half-episodes? Not much. ^^;

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