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Aired in July 2005

Yeah, I don't think the idea of mixing guns and swords has been done enough yet, so it's a good thing that they made a new anime that has both words in the name!

So our gunsword guy is Van, a weird loner guy who has weird tastes, both in food and clothing. He shows up starving and looking for a bite to eat in this town and stumbles into a big mess. A guy called Lucky is trying to take over the town to get to its huge bank, the only thing keeping the town running! Van "accidentally" saves a girl named Wendy from a group of Lucky's thugs, so then she gets mad when he refuses to save her town just because it has nothing to do with him. Eventually he ends up saving it anyway, using some sort of weird sword-armor-gun thing which makes everyone gape and spout nonsense at him, especially Lucky. Then he tries to leave and continue on his journey to find some guy who probably killed someone important to him or something, but Wendy insists on tagging along since she wants to avenge her brother too!

Well, ridiculous name aside, the story and characters in GUN x SWORD so far are good enough to keep me interested. Wendy is cute, and while Van may be a ridiculous character, he's not really the obnoxious kind of ridiculous... yet. Hopefully it stays that way. Hopefully the pacing, journeying through different towns having adventures in each one, is used well. ^^

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