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Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo

The Mistress is a Magical Girl

Aired in July 2005

Now this is more like it! I don't know why there are two "okusama" shows this season, but anything that has magical girls in it is automagically better! At least usually...

Our story revolves around some sort of magical girl visitors who call our world "Wonderland". Ureshiko is our magical heroine who is a little older than your typical magical girl, and has to worry about how little her costume has gotten on her these days, but she can still be cute! And her magic still works, so when a new magical girl, Sayaka, comes to town and tries to start changing the boring "wonderland" into something more cute and to her tastes, Ureshiko is on the way to stop her! Sayaka wants Ureshiko to give up her magic rings and let her control the magic in the world, but Ureshiko wants to keep the wonderland the way her mom made it. So there's a struggle for magical power going on, and also there's a new guest in Ureshiko's house: Tatsumi, a former track-and-field guy who seems to be looking for a fresh start here. Romantic vibes ensue, but Ureshiko has a husband off somewhere, and tells Tatsumi that "kisses aren't allowed".

This series looks like a lot of fun, going off on the "what happens to magical girls when they grow up" tack. I like the character designs and transformation sequences, and I also like Ureshiko's love of her town and the mysterious thing about kisses. It all looks like fun, and I hope they take the series in good directions. ^^

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