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Okusama wa Joshikousei

The Mistress is a High School Girl

Aired in July 2005

Hmm, a high school girl marries her science teacher in secret, but keeps complaining to herself that they haven't "done it" yet... Well, looking at the type of show it is, I can see that the plot is going nowhere fast. ~.~

Anyway, that's pretty much the story here. Asami is married to her science teacher, but he won't be all carnal with her and only kisses her on the forehead when she leaves for work. Also when Asami tries to do things like take a bath with her husband, her father mysteriously pops up and whines about some sort of contract. And drinks a lot. Asami's husband is nice, though, so he forgives her for every silly thing she worries about and shows that he really cares.

Yeah, so while the characters aren't bad, the whole premise of this series is pretty ridiculous, and the plot just goes nowhere, so I don't really find myself interested in watching the same dumb antics over and over.

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