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Sugar Sugar Rune

Aired in July 2005

The new mahou shoujo show is here, or something! I may not like all mahou shoujo shows, but anything that's fun and has good characters makes me smile. ^^

Sugar2 Rune is the story of Chocola and Vanilla, two girls who are candidates to become the next queen of the magic world. They come to the human world to test themselves and determine who will be queen by collecting the most hearts. Chocola is full of confidence and introduces herself to her new class by saying, "I'll kick your butt if you don't listen to me!" while Vanilla is super-shy and cries when she has to introduce herself. Chocola is mystified by the fact that her awesome introduction doesn't win her the hearts of all the boys, and Vanilla seems oblivious to the fact that they all like her. Anyway, they meet all sorts of crazy people on their first day, like their mentor for their stay in the human world, Rock'n Lovin, and the middle school class president whose touch turns Chocola's first heart to ice.

Speaking of ice, it's pretty funny that Vanilla's last name that she takes on for the human world is "Aisu" which sounds exactly like Ice... Have to wonder if that's intentional... ~.~

One of the silliest things about this series is how they see the hearts that they're suppost to collect, by putting their fingers in a sideways V up to their eyes like in the pic above. I think it's great, and no one comments on how bizarre they are, even when they do their crazy magic. ^^

The style of this show really drew me in, and while there were a couple of weird things with the voice acting in this first episode, I saw more than enough that I liked to keep me wanting more. Mahou shoujo forever~

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