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Amaenaide yo!!

Don't act so spoiled!!

Aired in July 2005

I couldn't be bothered to look up the details of the shinto-ish terms in this series because it's terrible, so forgive me for the vagueness of the summary. ^^;

Some boy named Ikkou goes to his grandma's shrine during summer vacation to do some sort of crazy spiritual training. He's not very good at it. So there are lots of fights between him and the girls. Oh, but when he sees a girl naked he suddenly becomes super-monk and can exorcise any evil spirits that you need out of your way!

As if the premise for this series wasn't enough excuse not to watch it, what is with some of these girls' hair? Ick. It's just a bad anime with too much dumb fanservice for its own good, and hopefully this is the last time I come in contact with it. ^^

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